About us

Our goal is to create a unique experience of authentic Croatia.

Marino will tell you more about the Feel Croatia concept.

A few benefits of traveling with us

Each experience is unique and personalized for the guest

Every meal in our itinerary is a local based meal, in traditional restaurants with locals or local households and farms. And we are very proud of this!!

In every town or place we have our licensed guide

You are on vacation and you dictate the pace of the itinerary

We can change every activity according to your wishes

Every day we'll have some kind of a briefing for tomorrow's activities, we are flexible with most of them and we can customize it

Interview with the owner

Can you introduce yourself and FeelCroatia project?

I'm Marino, born and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia. A proud father of FeelCroatia project. After 10 years in tourism business and more than 20 years of exploring my country, I decided to build something new in our tourism market. Feel Croatia, as the name suggests, provides a special and unique travel service through Croatia, but above all – it is a private, authentic trip that allows you to truly feel Croatia through an almost tangible, temperamental emotion. Our concept is based on authentic contents, local tradition and customs, warm local people and their stories. Each itinerary is designed according to your wishes and interests.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

As a child who grew up in Dubrovnik, the biggest tourist product in Croatia, I noticed that the tourism offer lacked exactly something like FeelCroatia. A private guide with whom you will get to know all the beauties of Croatia, but also take a peek at the lesser-known, local, authentic ones! That's what makes a trip the most beautiful memory and that's what I want to provide to each of my guests. I wanted to bring something new to the tourist offer.

Why FeelCroatia?

I want that when my guest comes to Croatia, he feels that he has a friend with whom he is going to explore his country. This is precisely what is missing from the offer in Croatia. Connecting clients with Croatia, showing them emotions, culture, local customs, real local food - that's the right thing!
I am very proud of the team that makes up FeelCroatia. In a few years, we managed to gather a lot of local enthusiasts who think the same way as me and who make this trip special. So we have a local family with a private oyster farm, a local sommelier who knows the soul of every winemaker in the area, a local family that has been looking for truffles with their dogs for decades, an authentic farm where the host makes us homemade lunches every time we come... and much more similar experiences.

As a travel agent, describe your approach to planning an itinerary

I pay a lot of attention to a personalized approach to the client, listen to wishes, interests and try to put together an overall picture of the client even before the experience begins, all in order to create a perfect fit for him and his group. I always first create an idea in my head and present it to the client at a Zoom meeting. During the meeting, we make changes and make it tailored for the client. In a few simple steps, we create a fantastic product completely personalized for the client.

Your TOP 5 places in Croatia?

Islands –all of them! , Istria if you are foodie and of course magnificent Dubrovnik.

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