Authentic Croatia Experience

Our most famous product, tailored experience based on authentic concept. It's an unique experience in which you'll feel and experience Croatia as it really is. Our concept is to design the best itinerary for you- from your arrival to your departure. Through a private trip carefully created according to your wishes you will experience Croatia- our famous coast and authentic countryside, local people, traditions and way of life, taste local specialties and world-famous wines and feel the Croatian vibe- simply feel Croatia! This can be a nice family trip, romantic getaway, teambuilding or just a trip with your friends.


From our opinion authenticity is something that makes a difference. Through our trip we want to include as many local people as possible. They can give us unforgettable and authentic experiences and set us apart from others. Our itineraries are unique and based just on experiences like these. Through our concept, you will get to know the real, untouched and authentic Croatia. Surly the best way to visit our beautiful country.


Each tour is completely private and you are the only client at that time. Also, all tastings, experiences, meals and activities are completely private just for us. In this way, we provide the best service for our clients, we can be flexible according to their wishes and skip waiting in lines and crowds. Our price includes a 24/7 service, so even in your free time you will have a private driver and tour leader available for all advice.


Each offer is made and designed according to the wishes and preferences of the guest - down to the smallest details. Before any booking we pass through all details with you at the Zoom meeting. This is your vacation and we will force anything during the experience. If we like some experience or activity, we will stay there as long as we want. We will not bother you with strict schedules and time because that is not the essence of travel and vacation.


  • Every tour is led with love and emotion towards Croatia.
  • We will not give you any experience, meal or feeling that is not approved by us.
  • Our main goal on every tour is to make you feel as you have been hosted by a friend in his country, Croatia.
  • We really look at every guest as our friend, we work every experience with the same passion like the first one and we will do it that way till the end. 
  • This is not a tour, it's an experience through our tradition, our history, our flavours, our local way of life…

Meet your Croatian roots

Meet your Croatian roots is our special product, intended for people who have Croatian roots and would like to explore them, but also visit Croatia along the way. Getting to know the country where your great-grandfather or grandfather was born, your origins, your roots, visiting the village from which your ancestors packed their bags and left in search of a better life a long time ago – is truly unique and one of a kind experience. You will give us all the information you have about your ancestors, and our expert team will do research. Later, together we create a multi-day tour through the whole of Croatia, but we will be especially focused on the area of your roots.

You're few steps away from once-in-a-life experience.

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