Top 5 beaches in Croatia

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Croatia is one of those countries where you come to enjoy crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches, islands and good seafood. The Adriatic Sea is one of the most pleasant for swimming in the world, still untouched, safe, calm and warm. More than 1,200 islands creating one of the largest archipelagos in the Mediterranean. Each of them is full of beautiful beaches.
You will notice how local people, especially children, love to swim wherever they go. So the main promenade in the coastal cities becomes a ‘’diving board’’, and the lonely isolated rocks become a heavenly private beach for whoever arrives first. In this article we will show you the 5 most popular pearls of our coast.

PASJAČA BEACH, Popovići, Dubrovnik area

Pasjača Beach is located near the village Popovići, about 30 kilometers from Dubrovnik. A narrow and partly paved road leads to the beach, and from the parking lot to the beach you need to walk about 100 meters altitude difference. However, the experience is unique. Reddish rocks on one side and open sea on the other, untouched nature and the cleanest air, and then you see it - facing the open sea, located under cliffs over 100 meters high, shyly waiting for its loyal swimmers and curious tourists. Decades ago, a small tunnel was breached so that access to the beach itself is safe and easy.

There are no commercial facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring at least enough water. The Konavle region offers a variety of indigenous facilities, local authentic restaurants and famous wineries, and as a destination is perfect for a day trip from Dubrovnik.

FeelCroatia tip:
Our suggestion is - take a day trip from Dubrovnik. Your first stop can be Pasjaca beach, after beach we suggest you to eat in some traditional restaursnt like Konoba Vinica Monkovic. The meat or octopus under the bell are must try. If you travelling with children you can visit Kojan Koral Ranch or medieval town Sokol Grad.  We love to include it in our multiday itinerary. It's usually one of our day trip to Dubrovnik to Konavle where we visit famous vineries, beaches and eat traditional food.

SAKARUN, Dugi Otok, Zadar area

One of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic, Sakarun beach is located on Dugi Otok island, Kornati archipelago. If you are not located on the island, the easiest to reach it is by a one-day boat trip from Zadar. Slightly less than a kilometer of sandy shore, in contact with the crystal blue sea creates a feeling of the Caribbean. A cold cocktail awaits you in the two bars on the beach, and the dense pine forest in the background offers the perfect place to relax and shelter from the sun. The beach is ideal for families with children who like to spend the day on the beach. Shallow shoreline and soft white sand are ideal for your favorite family activities. Dugi Otok itself offers a handful of other attractions. Telašćica Nature Park and Kornati National Park are one step away.

FeelCroatia tip:
Our suggestion is- visit Dugi otok and Sakarun beach on a day trip from Zadar or Šibenik. That way, you have many options, each one is good and it's really hard to go wrong. Kornati National Park is truly a unique place, Telašćica with its endless cliffs offers a million-dollar view. The gastronomic offer is - fish! There are small fishermen's taverns on most of the islands, and there are really few places on the Adriatic where you can eat fish directly from the sea like here. It should be a great day on the boat for you and truly memorable experience from Croatia.

ZLATNI RAT, Brač, Split area

Zlatni Rat or ''Golden Horn'' beach is located in the town of Bol on the Brač island. This location is a real symbol of Croatia, a natural phenomenon found on most Croatian postcards. Bol is well connected by catamaran connections with Split. The catamaran ride to Bol takes a little over an hour, and then you have a 20-minute walk through the pine forest to the beach. If you are not for a walk, there is a free tourist train - definitely a good thing if you are with children or have a lot of things. The beach was created in the distant past by the influence of wind and sea currents, and today those same currents and wind often change its shape.

There can be a really big crowd on the beach during the high season, so always try to come in the morning to find your perfect spot. The beach today offers a handful of activities and facilities and you will certainly not be hungry and thirsty. During the summer heat during the day, you can look for a rest in the shade in the pine forest at the beginning of the beach or under the shade at one of the good beach bars at the beach.

FeelCroatia tip:
Our suggestion is - take a day trip from Split or Jelsa(Hvar) and if you can choose, September is the best time of the year to visit it. It's sunny and hot like during the high season but it's not so crowdy. We love to include it in our multiday itinerary and it's usually one of our days in Hvar or Split is private boat trip to Golden Horn.


DUBOVICA BEACH, Hvar, Split area

Dubovica beach is located on the island of Hvar, one of the most famous Adriatic islands. The easiest way to reach Dubovica beach is by private boat from Hvar. In fact, the entire south side of the island of Hvar is full of smaller or larger beaches that are mostly only accessible by boat. So do not hesitate, if you are on Hvar, in our Build my  trip you can find the best option for your trip. Another option is to reach the macadam road and parking above the beach. After 10 km from the town of Hvar you will surely notice parked cars along the macadam road! That's it, find your place and go down for about 10 minutes on the macadam road to the beach. Nature, nature and a little more nature. Pines, crickets, crystal clear sea and a stone fisherman's house on the corner of the beach fit perfectly into the image of Dalmatia. Trust us on the word no guest has remained indifferent to this pearl. The beach during the season offers a small coffee shop where you can refresh yourself but be sure to take your water and refreshing drinks!

FeelCroatia tip:
Our suggestion is - take at least 4 days to visit Hvar. The beautiful island offers so many hidden beaches, old and charming towns, and a special gastronomic offer that you must not forget! We love to include it in our multiday itinerary and it's usually one of our days in Hvar is private boat trip to Pakleni islands and Dubovica beach.

BANJE BEACH, Dubrovnik

Ok, can you imagine a more beautiful view while swimming in the Adriatic Sea? Yes, a difficult task, we know! The beach that hosted the elite and nobility of the Republic of Dubrovnik for centuries before you. The famous Banje beach is a 5-minute walk from theOld Town. When entering the sea, in front of you is Lokrum, a small uninhabited island in front of Dubrovnik. On the right, there is a beautiful view first of the Lazaretes, the world's oldest quarantine, and then of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The local population likes to swim on the right side of the beach, closer to the rocks. The beach is best incorporated into a day tour of the city, and to refresh yourself after visiting the city. The beach also offers evening parties and a restaurant, so definitely don't miss it in your plans... At least a glass of wine with the best view in the world.

FeelCroatia tip:
Our suggestion is – if you really want to enjoy this beach do it at the morning! We always love to include it in our guided tour at the beginning or at the end of the tour. 


Here are just some of the most famous beaches in Croatia. For us in the FeelCroatia Team, the most beautiful beaches are the unknown and isolated ones, however, while we were making this list, we were guided by the idea that the locations should be accessible to everyone. Before arriving, check the proximity of shops or catering facilities for each beach, equip yourself with fluids and good will and enjoy.


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