Meet your Croatian roots

Meet your Croatian roots is our special product, intended for people who have Croatian roots and would like to explore them, but also visit Croatia along the way.

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Our philosophy is a completely individual approach to each client – therefore – in addition to the main touristic route, we offer our clients an additional, special offer which includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore their Croatian roots.

Knowing our roots and where our ancestors come from is extremely important, because it tells us who we are, who our close and extended relatives are, what area we originate from, why we have certain innate characteristics, why we behave in a specific way. Our heritage ennobles us, broadens our horizons, and helps us understand our past, so it needs to be preserved from oblivion.

People have always moved from where they were born or raised, migration is something that has been innate to us from the very beginning. Apart from curiosity and the natural need to move, relocations most often took place for two reasons: the desire for better living conditions or as an escape from various troubles (war, natural disasters, etc.).

Over the centuries, Croats have encountered emigration from their homeland or from one place to another, family lines have intertwined and expanded to new places, and sometimes some areas have “disappeared from sight”.

Getting to know the country where your great-grandfather or grandfather was born, your origins, your roots, visiting the village from which your ancestors packed their bags and left in search of a better life a long time ago – is truly unique and emotional experience.

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